Where Children are cherished

Nursery Rooms

In Discoverers (0-2s) the youngest children will begin to learn about the world through their senses, cared for by staff who create a home from home feel and follow individual sleep and food routines. Staff will enable each little one to thrive and build firm foundations for the future. Each day is a new day of discovery when you are little and our safe and stimulating play spaces will encourage active learning, times of rest and emotional wellbeing. Sensory play including water, painting, music and songs will feature regularly.

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In Explorers (2-3s) the children will be continue to explore the world around them, both inside and outdoors. Our staff will support each child’s growing independence and developing language skills by offering fun experiences that promote confidence and self-esteem. As children mature their social skills develop so opportunities to explore friendships with others and learn about sharing and turn taking will be an important feature in this room. Exploring snow and rain, jumping in puddles, singing action songs and playing with spaghetti all promote learning with their whole bodies and provide vital foundations for holistic learning.

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In Adventurers (3-5s) the children will continue to investigate the wider world following their own path of discovery and using resources that invite experimentation. Friendships will develop, essential skills will be learnt and positive attitudes fostered, like perseverance, independence and motivation. By giving children space, time and quality resources, we know that childhood bodies and brains will be stimulated and learning will take place. Looking for worms, creating with sand, planting vegetables and building with blocks are essential elements of an exciting early childhood learning experience. Activities will support imagination and creativity, enable children to “do it by myself” and begin to encourage problem solving skills, giving each child the foundations for learning needed for their next adventure in school.

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