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Adventurers Routine 3 – 5 ‘s

Developing imaginative skills through role play, making up stories and constructing will be important parts of our day. Fundamental understanding of early literacy and maths and ICT concepts will be taught through play based activities that are fun and challenging. Because children are curious by nature opportunities to find out about the local community will be an important element of learning.

Much of our time in Adventurers is spent exploring through free flow play, where children have choices about where and with what they want to get involved. Independence skills are extended and empathy and patience are developed as children spend time playing among younger in a family grouping for part of their day.

Times of eating together will be an important feature and children will help to prepare their own snacks in this room, supporting independence and fine motor skills. Morning snack time is roughly 10-10.30am and lunch time is at 11.45am. During the afternoon session 2.00pm is our rough guide for snack time with tea time is at 4.00pm, leaving plenty of time to be busy or rest afterwards as they choose.

As with the younger children the 3-5 year olds will have plenty of time to explore and extend their learning using open ended resources and engaging in adult guided activities that will ignite their curiosity, encourage problem solving and support their developing skills of early literacy and mathematics.