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“As Leo leaves your fantastic nursery we wanted to write to say thank you for the 3 years he has spent with you. The time has passed so quickly and he has enjoyed every day. When first coming to look around, before the nrusery had even opened, we could tell what a family feel the nursery would have, and this has contributed to you all having been very important people in our lives. You are all such dedicated, professional, special people and we will miss you all very much. In the blink of an eye our baby has become a ‘big boy’ who is confident in himself, freindly, independent and happy and all because of you. Thank you for helping him shine and for giving him the best possible start in life.  With best wishes.” Leo’s family  

To Ginny and The LIttle Adventurers Team, Thank you all for being part of Henry’s nursery journey and helping him to grow. He has loved every minute of being at LA and will miss you all lots.  It feels like only yesterday that he started in baby room now he is moving onto school. It has been a crazy year and such a shame that Henry and his friends missed out on their last months with you.  Since being back he has had a great time and than kyou for making us all feel so comfortable to return. Thanks again for being a great team.”   Henry’s Mum August 2020

Dear All, We have been trying to find the words to emphasize the appreciation towards Little Adventurers and all the staff that have helped develop our baby inot the girl she is now.  We know that she would not be the person she  is – funny, knowledgeable, questionable and kind without you all. Thank you so much and we will all miss you lots. With our love. ” Mrs S August 2020

I would like to thank you all very much for making Isaac’s time at nursery so enjoyable and profitable. He has developed into a confident, well-rounded boy who is inquisitive and has a thrist for knowledge. the wide range of activities you provide have challenged him both physically and intellectually and have enabled him to achieve his potential. I amsure he will move onto school and flourish because of the excellent opportunities he has experienced while in your care.”  Isaac’s Nanny

Many thanks to each and everyone of you for all htat you have done for Sara in her time at nursery! You have all played a huge part in helping her to grow into the girl she is today and for that we are truly grateful! We are really happy we chose you to look after Sara as you have been AMAZING!” Thank you, Sara’s Mum and Dad August 2020

Thank you so so much for all the effort and energy you put into running such a wonderful nursery with such amazing staff. I’ve seen how you go above and beyond and we think you’re fabulous. Thank you for being so patient and kind with us while Tilly settles in. We appreciate all the work you do.” Tilly’s parents & grandparents August 2020

Thank you for everything you have done for Ollie during his time here – we are so appreciateive and thank you – you are all fantastic!” Ollie’s Mum and Dad September 2020

Thank you for everybody’s kindness towards Oscar over the last 3 years. He has beenloved and cared for like he is at home and we are eternally grateful. The Little Adventurers family has provided Oscar with the best possible start in life and will forever have a special place in our hearts.Oscar’s parents September 2020

To all at Little Adventurers.  Thank you for taking care of me while I play for all things I learn like being fair and taking turns. For time you spend teaching ABC’s; for knowing a hug is what I need with story time and books to read.  For the tenderness you impart, teaching me to be kind at heart. For teaching songs I love to sing as we all hold hands in a friendship ring.  For being there when mummy can’t be, for making each day a special memory.  Thank you all for being such a fantatic nursery and being so kind and caring.  I wouldn’t have watned to be anywhere else when Mummy and Daddy can’t be around. “ Jude’s Mum August 2020

“To Everyone at Little Adventurers. Thank you all for everything you have done for Amy over the past 3 years. From helping her to settle when I returned to work, to giving her the curiousity to question how volcanoes are made and the confidence to come home and share her knowledge. We are so proud of her development and much of that is down to you.  I’m sure she will always talk fondly of her time at nursery and we will always remember how much she loved you all. thank you for being wonderful.” Amy’s Mum August 2020

To Ginny and all the Little Adventurers Team.  Thanks for all your support with Ted and Albert over the last 4 years. You have all been amazing and instrumental in nurturing two very happy and confident little boys.  We can’t thank you enough and will missyou all!Ted and Albert’s Mum and Dad August 2020

To everyone at Little Adventurers. Thank you so much for everything you have done over the last 4 years for George. I can still remember his first day and how hard it was fo rme to leave him, but you were all so welcoming and made it so much easier. George has had so many adventurers and made so many lovely friends during his time and I will be forever grateful for everything you have done for him. Even though he is now off to make new memories and have new adventures he will be sure to stop by and say hi as I know he will miss you all.” Mum, Dad and George

“My elder daughter has been attending since it first opened and it has truly been a home from home experience for us. She has developed very special bonds with her carers, especially the manager, and had a lot of fun. They have provided all the support and guidance she has required from the ages of 18 months to 4 and a half years old.

There is a consistency in the level of care, and any comments or questions are thoroughly investigated. There is evidence of continuous improvement, for example in the nutrition, activities and in the outdoor space.

With no other options for childcare, I was initially apprehensive about a nursery setting, however, any concerns quickly dissipated and I saw the benefits of an excellent nursery environment. I now have 2 children at the nursery and I have always felt happy leaving my children in their care.
Our relationship with Little Adventurers has been a very positive experience, with genuine affection and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”  Imogen & Phoebe’s Mum, August 2018

My son has just started with the nursery, having been with a childminder for two years. I am extremely pleased with the nursery to date. The carers have formed a really good bond with my son which has given him confidence and comfort when there. The routine works well. My son really enjoys the food and the variety and seems to eat well. Because of the structure, there is a lot of outdoor play which is fabulous.”  Freddie’s Mum, October 2018

“Thank you all for making Lois feel so welcome at the nursery. We are very happy to see how excited she is to go to nursery and how she doesn’t want to leave at the end of the day!! The food is obviously delicious as she seems to eat everything she is given! We are very impressed with the menu. Thank you for everything you have done for Lois. ”       Lois’s Mum, June 2018

This is an outstanding nursery, filled with friendly, helpful staff who provide a lovely atmosphere for our little one.”  Grace’s Mum, June 2018

Very happy with the care received.”  Jack’s Mum, June 2018

I would like to say we are really happy with Grayson’s time at nursery so far.  He is settling well and his key person has been amazing. Thank you very much for helping us with this transition!Grayson’s Mum, June 2018

Excellent team, very happy.”  Kasper’s Mum, June 2018

Every staff member is friendly and approachable, the children build fantastic relationships with everyone.  Wonderful, relaxed environment. We feel that Sammy is very well cared for and has a lot of fun at nursery.”  Sammy’s Mum, June 2018

Little Adventurers is a home from home for our son. The staff are personable, approachable and I often ask their opinion of various parenting techniques – how to potty train, how to deal with tantrums etc.  a truly wonderful nursery.Zachary’s Mum, June 2018

Amazing! Best nursery ever! Staff are fantastic.  All have a genuine love and passion for the children.  Ava loves school and I know Axel will too! Keep up the amazing work!” Ava’s Mum, June 2018

“Very pleased with the amount of time spent outdoors in the gardens and local area. Staff are lovely and Rocco is always so happy to see them at drop off.”  Rocco’s Mum, June 2018

“We love Little Adventurers!! We are extremely happy with the level of care received. All staff members are so friendly and welcoming and have got to know Ollie’s personality very well. We are so pleased with the activities and level of care that Ollie receives. The staff engage with the children well and really get to know them…..” Ollie’s Mum, June 2018

My son has just started with the nursery, having been with a childminder for two years. I am extremely pleased with the nursery to date. The carers have formed a really good bond with my son which has given him confidence and comfort when there. The routine works well. My son really enjoys the food and the variety and seems to eat well. Because of the structure, there is a lot of outdoor play which is fabulous.”  Freddie’s Mum, October 2018

My little daughter is attending Little Adventurers Nursery since she was 18 months. We are very pleased with her progress, she loves coming into this nursery, she loves her key person and all the staff and she has lots of friends. Every day starts with a big smile on her face and it ends with a big laugh. The staff in this nursery is very friendly and very well trained to look after children and teach them what they should know/do (according to their age). “Feel like home” – is the feeling you get when you come into this nursery! All the staff know all the children by their names and the other way around! The management is continuously looking for activities to keep the children entertained, happy and also to learn something useful from what they are doing! The information email with pictures we get at the end of the day is really good! This nursery is so much different from other nurseries. I have already recommended it and I will keep doing it! They are the best!”  Sara-Maria’s Mum,  August 2018

“I could not ask for more in a nursery. Excellent, caring staff, family feeling.” Lillia’s Mum, August 2018

Smiles going into nursery and tears leaving the nursery. Leaving nursery we know that our little man has enjoyed his day. We love the daily summaries of food and activities and it is lovely to see him smiling with his friends in photos. The relationships that he has built with staff are just a joy to behold and reassuring that he is cared for and cherished.” Emma, August 2018

Our experience at Little Adventurers has been nothing but excellent from the moment my son started 2 years ago. The staff are excellent in every way from caring and excelling my child in every aspect of his time spent there. We have really noticed the difference in our child learning from the moment he started and have watched him excel over the years.” Grayson’s Mum, August 2018

Our experience so far has been brilliant. The nursery offered as many settling sessions as I could take my son to, to help him as much as possible. His key person has been amazing and in just two weeks has developed a strong bond with my son which is great. All staff are welcoming and the manager welcomes the children with a smile and by name.
The nursery is also great with communication and shares daily updates and a newsletter so we feel involved.” Hayley, August 2018

Brilliant nursery and staff, can’t fault it. Amber’s Mum, July 2018

Little Adventurers is a fantastic nursery that provides outstanding care for our little one.  The atmosphere is always warm and the days are filled with a variety of great activities. 
We have noticed really great development with our little one since joining.” Grace’s Dad, July 2018

“My oldest child has been at this nursery for 3 years now and loves it. He can’t wait to go and has formed a close bond with many of the staff.
My youngest has been going a few months now too and has settled really easily and quickly thanks to the lovely welcoming staff.” Tobia & Sammy’s Mum, July 2018

Our daughter recently changed nursery to Little Adventurers and we can see a positive change in her demeanour. She is very happy at Little Adventurers and does not want to leave at the end of the day! The staff are very attentive, polite, friendly and enthusiastic at all times. The food at Little Adventurers is superb, with a great selection of healthy food. The photos from daycare are a lovely touch and we look forward to seeing them and what our daughter has been up to each day. Thank you all for everything you do.” Julian, July 2018

“So pleased we chose this nursery. Such a relaxed atmosphere, amazing staff, well managed and well led. Our son has had so many new experiences, built wonderful friendships with staff and children. The food provided is nutritious, balanced and delicious. 
Such a wonderful nursery – we can’t fault it!” Sammy’s Mum, July 2018

Little Adventurers is a fantastic nursery, my son has an amazing time and has come on leaps and bounds since attending the nursery. All of the staff are friendly and approachable, they are genuinely concerned for each of the children’s individual needs and have a fantastic rapport with children and parents alike.

The nursery incorporates play time with learning and make everyday varied. As a parent I feel all of the staff are attentive and supportive, we have a hand over everyday and email over every night a detailed report of what my son has done that day, what he has eaten even all of the nappy changes.

The best part is that there are photos to go along with the daily break down so that as a parent you feel included in the days activities and don’t feel as though you’ve missed out. I would highly recommend Little Adventurer’s and Ginny’s team to anyone. It is abundantly clear that all of the staff love their job, the atmosphere is happy and optimistic and all of the staff including the apprentices go above and beyond every day to make the children feel special and have an adventure every single day!
 Callan’s Mum, March 2016

“The team at little adventurers are amazing and our son loves his time there, nothing is too much trouble and they really value the education and wellbeing of all the children in their care.”
Cameron’s Mum, March 2016

Brilliant nursery and amazing staff
Henry’s Mum, March 2016

“Outstanding nursery, staff are fantastic & hard working. Seeing the children have fun & learning through play is wonderful to see. It’s lovely being apart of it.”
 Sophie’s Mum, March 2016

“Excellent nursery with a real focus on every individual child’s needs and good engagement with parents through forums etc.
Madeleine’s Dad, March 2016

Little Adventurers deserves an award for being the most friendly, caring, secure and creative environment that I could wish for for my children. My 2 year old has thrived since starting there a year ago, and it is clear he loves it. A truly outstanding nursery.”
Zack and Leo’s Mum, March 2016

My son was one of the 1st children at Little Adventurers and he absolutely loves it there! The staff are amazing, always cheerful and happy to take the time out to talk to you about your child.

My son has learnt so much and has been exposed to so many different activities that he wouldn’t have, if he was just at home with me. I can not say enough positive and kind words about all the staff there and I will be so sad when my son is too old to stay!
Harrison’s Mum, March 2016

My son loves Angela like she is his 2nd mummy! The bond they have is so great to see and I love the way she knows how to get down to his level to explains things to him and the patience she shows him.”
 Harrison’s Mum, March 2016