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Explorers Routine 2 – 3’s

As children grow they begin to need more opportunities to develop their increasing skills and knowledge. At this age becoming independent, learning to share and take turns as well as becoming more adept at making their needs known are aspects of learning we work hard to foster.

Time for rest and sleep will also be a feature of this room, as growing minds and bodies need time to stop and re-energise.

As in Discovers we try to be responsive to the needs of children so the routine is flexible, but because children need some structure to their day the times when we eat together are the markers of each session, allowing children to be secure in a regular routine. Snack time is around at 10-10.30am and lunch time is at 11.45am. During the afternoon session 2.00pm is our rough guide for snack time with tea time at 4.00pm.

As the 2-3 year olds generally love to be around older children, like in most families, we ensure that there is plenty of time to move between their own and the older children’s rooms and investigate a variety of activities and resources, supported and encouraged by their key staff. This is balanced with time in their own play room where they have space to rest and relax before going on another adventure!