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Discoverers Routine 0 – 2’s

We recognise that each baby and child will have differing routines and aim to follow their personal sleep and feeding patterns wherever possible. Nappy changing and potty training will be responsive to each child’s needs and so working closely with parents we will take care to ensure that personal care routines are followed sensitively by the child’s key person and their buddy (secondary key person).

Our daily routine will be flexible and spontaneous because we believe that’s how children learn best. However we recognise that children also need an element of structure like they do at home, along with regular meals so times to eat together form the general markers of the session with snack time at 10-10.30am and lunch time at 11.45am. During the afternoon session 2.00pm is our rough guide for snack time with tea time at 4.00pm.

Between these important markers the children will have lots of time to discover and explore the activities in their play room, engage in sensory activities like treasure baskets and painting, interact in simple role play games and spend time in the garden. There will also be time to play with the older children for a portion of each session, supported by sensitive adults, supporting social skills, confidence and independence.