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Optimum Nutrition – a key part of our ethos is our fantastic nursery menu

We work in partnership with a professional early years nutritionist are proud that our top quality, highly nutritious and healthy balanced menus meet the whole daily nutrient requirement for children under 5. Our own on-site nursery cook prepares fresh, home-style meals every day and in particular our nursery uses:-

  • Organic, full fat milk
  • Free range eggs
  • 100% organic, grass fed meat from the local butchers (excluding sausages which are Tesco finest 97%meat as these are the healthiest option when comparing salt contents.)
  • We include fish on our menu 3 times a week with our fresh fish (cod, haddock & salmon) coming directly from Billingsgate market on the morning of cooking
  • Starchy foods such as pasta and bread are all whole-wheat / wholemeal varieties
  • Only butter is used as a spread and for baking / roasting
  • We make all our own sauces from scratch
  • We scrutinize food labels to ensure lowest levels of sugar, salt and hygrogenated fats
  • We have reduced sugar content in all our homemade cakes, biscuits and jelly for our desserts (using honey and water instead)
  • Our menus include home-made custard rather than ice-cream

We discuss any individual dietary and cultural requirements with parents and review these regularly and we encourage parents to speak with our Manager or Deputy Manager about any questions they may have concerning our nursery menu.

Daily timetable

We serve breakfast between 7.30am and 8.45am where children are encouraged to serve themselves with as much support as they need.  Breakfast varies each day between Weetabix or Rice Crispies cereal, Porridge cereal or scrambled eggs all served with wholemeal toast triangles (with optional marmite spread).