Where Children are cherished



We believe in having adventures with our children every day; giving children as many spontaneous learning opportunities as possible and learning ‘in the moment’.  Our ethos includes following children’s own interests as they explore, encouraging their innate curiosity as we believe this is how children learn best.

Our extracurricular programme, along with our impromptu community visits and outings, enriches children’s learning experiences at Little Adventurers.  We regularly take children of all ages, out into the community whenever possible to visit the local park, woods and shops or even to see things like the big digger or the visiting rocket across the road!

Our planned programme includes a mixture of creative, physical, musical and problem solving fun sessions, trips and celebrations.  To give you a flavour of some of these; we enjoy Superstar Sports programmes, Jo Jingles, Maggie’s Music Box, Tumble Tots sessions, Exotic Pet visits and (a particular highlight) our very own living eggs which we incubate onsite for two weeks whilst we watch and learn to take care of the hatching chicks!  We also invite professional visitors to talk to our older children and encourage parents to read stories with their child’s nursery group.

We also include special features such as International Food Week, Science Week or Global Bread week to extend the palettes and knowledge of different foods around the world.

Our Nursery Community Days were developed to further engage with parents, encourage a healthy lifestyle and share some fun time with them and their children in the great outdoors.  These events are led by our Nursery Manager and have been very successful days out, enjoyed by all.