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Early Learning Activities

Early learning activities

At Little Adventurers we want to ignite children’s curiosity and make learning fun, through play based investigation, exploration and discovery!

For children under three (Discoverers and Explorers) this is done through learning about ourselves, being with others, learning to communicate and lots of movement and being active (these are called the Prime areas of learning as they underpin all other learning). Older children (Adventurers) are more ready to learn about the wider world, about early literacy and phonics and foundational maths concepts through fun and stimulating child and adult initiated activities.

Discoverers (0-2)
Learning about the way their body works as well as what interests them in the immediate environment will take much of their time in this room. Each session will incorporate time for sensory play, time to be busy around the room and garden, time to cuddle up with a story or songs and time to eat together.

Explorers (2-3)
Getting on with others is another important part of being 2 years old and sharing stories, meals and games together support these growing skills. Time to play with older children is important too so that they can learn from children who have greater understanding and knowledge. While their safety is ensured by the attentive staff, they will be encouraged to find out for themselves, have a go and learn from each other.

Adventurers (3-5)
When children are reaching the age of three (Adventurers) other aspects of learning begin to be introduced through early play based literacy and mathematics activities, experiences that support understanding the world and creative arts and design (these are called the Specific areas of learning).

Early problem solving will be learnt through fun games and activities and empathy and caring for others will be fostered each day during free flow play (time for children to make choices about where they want to play) and small group activities. As children play their skills, knowledge and attitudes for learning are being developed and they are learning more about their own important place in our fabulous world!